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    By boat, you will travel more than 300 miles on the Amazon River and its tributaries. You will witness subtle and grand spectacles as you observe and

participate in the flow of life in Amazonia. Surrounded by the rainforest's "sea of green", the accommodations at the lodges are rustic, comfortable and very scenic.

    Go to sleep to a symphony of jungle sounds and awake to morning bird calls. You will be overnighting, in areas that may contain the highest diversity of bird and tree species in the world. You will also experience

the rainforest from over 115 feet up on the world's longest Treetop Canopy Walkway!

    Explore the rainforest with and expert resident naturalist and learn about South American native cultures and Amazonia, the world's largest rainforest and river system! This trip is designed for people with a love of nature and foreign cultures, who are looking for a premier rainforest adventure!


Amazon tours and travel since 1992

This educational, Amazon travel adventure includes stays in several different jungle lodges, located deep in rainforest reserves, where great wildlife viewing just comes naturally!


8 Day Tour Itinerary

(can be shortened if needed)

DAY 1: (Normal start day is Saturday)

    Upon arrival in Lima, Peru, you are met at the airport and the local staff personnel will assist with your luggage and then transfer you into town to the colonial- style Hotel Antigua Miraflores for the overnight. (Note: We suggest you consider arriving into Lima a day early to avoid an next day early flight and allow for an overnight in Iquitos for a more leisurely start of the tour.)

DAY 2:

    An early morning flight to Iquitos takes you from the urban jungle to the rainforest jungle and your first look at the world's largest river, the Amazon! After a short city tour of Iquitos you board a boat to begin your rainforest adventure.  After a two hour journey down river to the first of the four jungle lodges, you enjoy a welcome drink and orientation session upon arrival. The first lodge is about 50 miles Northeast of Iquitos and is located off the Amazon River on a small tributary, called the Yanamono. After two nights, you will travel about 50 miles further to the other two overnight locations including the ACT Field Station where the Canopy Walkway is located. These lodges are located up the Napo River on the Sucusari tributary. Your accommodations the last night is at the new Ceiba Tops Resort, complete with swimming pool and air- conditioned bungalows that have private baths and hot water.

DAYS 2 - 7:

    In these 6 days you will experience some of nature's greatest wonders! By collectivos (long, passenger boats) you will navigate on three different river systems and stay in three different nature reserves! A great variety of activities are planned for your enjoyment and education on the culture and nature of Amazonia. You can take advantage of it all or just enjoy some simple pleasures. Even a lazy afternoon in a hammock immersed in the rainforest's "sea of green" can be memorable. Just as nature is in a constant state of change, the prearranged, daily schedule will be responsive to the current weather, water levels, plant and animal cycles, and cultural events. You can choose an active or leisurely personal schedule.                 

    A typical day's schedule is likely to include: a daybreak trail walk from the lodge for birding and other wildlife viewing, breakfast at 7 AM , and after breakfast is the morning's main activity (nature walks, boating excursions, village visits or a combination). A few hours midday are allotted for a refreshing shower before lunch and siesta, the late afternoon provides a cooler time for another main activity with return to the lodge around sunset. After the 7 PM dinner, (and weather permitting), a variety of night excursions provide excitement and wonderment. (B/L/D)

DAY 8: (Saturday)

    After breakfast, you have free time to explore the rainforest or go for a swim before the afternoon boat trip back to Iquitos. The local staff personnel will assist with the late afternoon transfer to the airport and check-in for the flight to Lima and connections to night USA return flights, arriving back into the USA early Sunday morning. (Notes: For an additional $75/pp/dbl, you may overnight in Lima on this Saturday night and fly out to the USA the next morning - hotel and transfers included. For those continuing on our Andean Inca Exploration, an option for this day includes overnighting in Iquitos and flying to Cuzco on Sunday. (B/L)


[Below highlights just some of the daily activities and adventures.]

  1. Bullet Walk through the treetops on the longest canopy walkway in the world. Truly, an unforgettable life experience! An incredible place to witness a sunrise / sunset over the rainforest or to experience the jungle at night!

  2. Bullet Great birding excursions!

  3. Bullet Explore orchid and bromeliad filled, primary (virgin) rainforests.

  4. Bullet Observe the enchanting freshwater (pink & grey species) dolphins at home in their watery kingdom.

  5. Bullet Experience nighttime excursions on foot and by canoe to look for nocturnal birds, insects and mammals, spot caiman, enjoy the sounds of the rainforest at night, and witness the star-filled sky of the southern hemisphere.

  6. Bullet Visit nearby Indian villages to learn of their native cultures and maybe a little bartering for trade items.

  7. Bullet Examine exotic plants and flowers and learn about the ecosystem in which they live.

  8. Bullet Try your skill with a blow gun.

  9. Bullet Test your fishing skills with the piranha. If you succeed, you can have your catch for dinner; they are delicious!

  10. Bullet Hike to a black-water lake to see the unusual hoatzin. They are the only flying birds which feed almost exclusively on leaves and must be seen to believe.

  11. Bullet Examine the giant Victoria Regia water lilies.

  12. Bullet Paddle a dugout canoe on a jungle tributary, if desired.

  13. Bullet Hike along the "Medicine Trail" used specifically to show the local rainforest plants used in modern medicine today. Also learn of plants used in native remedies and which scientists may use in the future.

  14. Bullet Tour and learn about a unique ethnobotanical garden, directed by the shaman Antonio Montero Pisco. This impressive collection of wild medicinal Amazon plants is an experiment in propagation and identification with currently over a 161 species represented.

  15. Bullet Take boat rides on narrow waterways among a labyrinth of lush vegetation where orchids and bromeliads abound.

  16. Bullet Visit with the local ribereños, the name for the local people who live along the river, and gain insight into their daily lives. While most are "westernized" to some degree, many still hold to tribal affiliations and have a life-style that has changed little over the last few thousand years. Native tribes you may encounter include the Boras, Yaguas, Orejone and Yanamono.

  17. Bullet Or, just swing in a hammock and let the world go by!



    Although you are staying in some very remote areas, miles from "civilization", you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality and comfort that is provided. The nights will be spent close to nature in four different jungle lodges. Except for the last night, you will sleep and eat in "native style" structures. This trip is not about survival camping; but, neither is it about isolating yourself from the world of nature!

     The architecture of the lodges is pure Amazonian, built with the native materials of fine woods, vines and palm leaves. The large, thatch-roofed buildings are raised on posts above ground level with wood flooring. Covered walkways connect the main buildings, such as the dining and recreation "hall", sleeping quarters and bath facilities. The sleeping rooms at the lodges have 2 twin beds, table with wash basin and kerosene lamp. Each bed has its own individual mosquito netting. Fresh sheets, changed daily, provide comfortable bedding. All locations have well maintained shower and toilet facilities. (No hot water, but it is not exactly cold either!) Clean towels are provided daily. There is no electricity at the lodges (except for the last night and means to charge batteries), therefore no noisy generator motors to disturb the sounds of nature and the serenity of the forest!

     Even deep in the jungle, meals are a real pleasure. The outstanding chefs prepare healthy regional and international dishes. Meals are cooked over an open-hearth fire and served buffet style. Most people consider the food very good and the multi-course meals provide excellent opportunities to try new and delicious local fruits and vegetables. In lieu of a dinner bell or loudspeaker, the beating of a drum signals mealtime. Three nutritious meals a day are served and coffee, tea and purified water are always available in the dining areas.

    Nightfall is always an enchanting time in the jungle! The birds and insects provide a symphony of sound. The soft lighting of kerosene lanterns at the lodges add to the peaceful atmosphere. And best of all, it will not be early morning phone calls or traffic sounds that awaken you!

    The last night is back to luxury with a stay at the Ceiba Tops Resort, complete with A/C rooms and swimming pool. A great place to stay for some extra days. See below.


   The canopy of the rainforest is truly one of the great biological frontiers of the world! More than half the species of life on earth are found in the tropical rainforests, and of those, more than half are found in the forest's canopy. As an example, twice as many species of insects are found in the canopy as are found on the ground. Some estimates of the number of insect species found in the rainforest canopy range as high as 20 million, with as many as 80% of these species still unknown to science. With this incredible diversity of life and 90% of the forest's photosynthesis taking place there, the canopy is clearly the place to be in order to understand how rainforests work.


     You will have the opportunity to experience the world's longest canopy walkway! Walk amongst the tree-tops and get a birds-eye view of the forest! Situated on a ridgetop amidst a nature reserve, the walkway offers spectacular views over the top of the rainforest. You will overnight in the nearby lodge and research station, allowing time for personal exploration of this little known world and possible night walk!


     Over 1,500 feet long and with a maximum height of 115 feet, the walkway is an engineering marvel. Without the need for specialized climbing equipment and skills, the canopy walkway introduces you to a seldom seen part of this world. From its conception the walkway was designed and built not only with safe access in mind, but also to be unobtrusive and not destructive to the surrounding forest. The suspended walkway is bordered by cable handrails and strong safety netting, which provide the security to enjoy the refreshing tropical breezes and a myriad of beautiful plants and wildlife.

    The safe design and gradual, "go at your own pace" has allowed many, who thought it impossible due to fear of heights, to experience the upper reaches of the rainforest and share in the thrill of discovery! By virtue of overnighting near the canopy walkway, you even have the options of witnessing a jungle sunset, the nighttime sky and/or sunrise over the expansive rainforest!

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