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PERU MISTURA: September 2014 (click for more info)

A Cultural and Culinary Exploration in Peru and the 2014 Mistura festival!
Like the Spanish word "mistura", which means mixture, this small group, private tour mixes cultures, cuisines, and geography.

The unique trip is designed by anthropologist Charlie Strader, President of Explorations. His love and appreciation of Peru’s cultures and food diversity started with travels there in the 1980’s. Having traveled throughout Peru, he wanted to plan a special cultural, natural history, and food-focused itinerary that also included the incredible gastronomy fair in Lima, called Mistura! During cultural adventure, resident guides introduce the cultures of Peru, their environment, history, art and foods. You will experience why National Geographic named Peru the "next Foodie Frontier" in their Best of the World for 2012.


5 Days & 4 Nights, September 6 - 10

This small group tour will still feature some of the best Lima offers. Escorted by a professional Peruvian Chef we will have a full day at the world's largest food festival, called Mistura. You will learn for yourself why Lima is often considered the gastronomical capital of South America.

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Peru is one of the world’s best travel destinations. In addition to its diverse cultures, geography, biodiversity - and because of these attributes - it has developed an incredible cuisine. Peru is a great value for the traveler interested in the world of gastronomy.

    Some call this type of travel a culinary tour or gastronomy tour. We choose to call it simply a Food Tour - travel with a bent on culinary anthropology. The goal is to provide you the opportunity to taste some of the worlds best dishes and to educate yourself about the foods of Peru from farm to fork. Looking at food from an holistic viewpoint, the study of a culture’s food can tell us a great deal about its history. It speaks to past and present environmental forces, agricultural practices, cultural, political, and ethnic influences from immigration.

    We have suggested itineraries (see below), however, you may customize your days depending on tastes (pun intended) and the region of Peru of interest. We can also assist with recommendations and reservations for popular and famous restaurants. We are here to help you taste the flavors of Peru for everything from upscale fine dining to delicious street foods, whether you are a gourmet or a novice on the food and drinks of Peru. We also arrange cooking lessons and in-home preparation of family meals.

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PERU, a diversity of flavor

Peru’s diverse geography and cultures along with a blend of new worlD and old world foods and flavors has created  some of the best cuisine on the planet.

Peru is truly a foodies delight!

We design our itineraries to learn how the food is grown and harvested, and follow through with recipes and meal preparation. And of course, also important is the final process - the tasting and eating!

    And Peru, with its varied geography and cultural history is a perfect country for such explorations. Peru is at the forefront of  blending the traditional and modern, or nouv-cuisine, and has gained international recognition for its cuisine.

A country’s foods help define their culture and visa versa. This is highlighted in the wonderful documentary, Cooking Up Dreams. The movie trailer can be viewed at: and a copy will be supplied along with other country information before departure.

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