Delfin I & II

These two luxury riverboat cruises on the Amazon River depart from Iquitos, Peru. Custom built for travel on Amazon rivers, these small ships provide quality boutique-type accommodations with gourmet cuisine, while exploring the world's largest forest and river system.

You may now travel remote Amazon waters with a level of comfort and service that was not available just a few years ago. Delfin Amazon Cruises, has a long term commitment with the Amazon and with all their world-traveling guests. They consider that from the minute you set foot in Iquitos until you depart back home, you deserve top quality services. The guides, skippers, chefs, and crew members — many of them native Amazonians — are experienced and trained professionals as well as charming travel companions. With a crew of 11 on the Delfin I and 20 on the Delfin II, they are sure to provide our clients with personal and undivided attention.

Delfin I & II are two true luxury river vessels that cruises the northern Amazon, and offer extraordinary levels of comfort. Delfin I, made for just 12 passengers, and Delfin II, twice the size for maximum of 30 passengers. The Amazon Cruise itineraries travel the area of the confluence of the Marañón and Ucayali Rivers which form the Amazon River and into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Amazon Cruise tour options include itineraries of 4 or 5 days onboard ship. Contact us to confirm departure dates on what works best for you.

All excursions are included with your cruise rate. Some excursions you may enjoy while sailing with us are:
  • Canopy discoveries in the treetops
  • Hiking & trail walks
    Delfin amazon cruise kayak delfin
  • Fishing for piranhas & other underwater creatures
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Birdwatching
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Skiff explorations along the banks
  • Visiting native communities
  • …and much more!
For all short transport (such as from the vessel to land for hiking) and wildlife seeking excursions, you will travel via skiff boats. Our skiffs are quick to launch, stable to ride, and ready to navigate into the most hidden corners of the Amazon. Each skiff seats 8 passengers and come with their own expert naturalist guide, captain, and features all safety regulations.

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Departure Dates: Contact us for available cabins during the time you would like to travel.

2023 Rates:
Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 4.55.38 PM

2024 Rates:
Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 4.56.47 PM

The Delfin I Amazon River cruises rates above are priced based on per person, double occupancy of suites and master suites.
7 years old minimum on all departures.
Children aged 11 or under are eligible for a 20% discount from the adult rate. 
Single Supplement is +50% in addition to the adult rate on all vessels.
delfin 1 amazon cruise
Included in your all inclusive rate are:
  • All meals while on board (arrival day: dinner, cruise days: all meals, departure day: breakfast & lunch)
  • All excursions & equipment (including rubber boots & rain ponchos)
  • Transfers to/from vessel when arriving on recommended flights to/from Iquitos (Lima-Iquitos: 10:00 a.m.; Iquitos-Lima: 1 p.m.)
  • Entrance fee to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
  • Natural juices, soda, coffee, tea, water, beer, house cocktails, pisco cocktails & sours, house wines with lunch and dinner.

Not Included:
  • Air tickets to/from Iquitos
  • Cost of medical emergencies (including evacuation)
  • Gratuities (amount suggested per guest: US$ 120.00)
  • Any additional transportation services
  • Any additional bar consumptions
  • Boutique purchases
  • Mini bar consumptions.

Your cruise package includes transfers from/to the Iquitos Airport to/from the port of Nauta, where the vessel will depart and set sail from. These included transfers are offered only when arriving and departing with our recommended LAN Airlines flights, which is approximately 5:00 pm for both.

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delfin cruises video pic
Click here to view a short video of the Delfin cruise experience.

delfin amazon cruise ships

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delfin II amazon cruise riverboat on the river

The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve & the Peruvian Amazon Experience
If you find yourself in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, you're doing something right. The blooming soul of the northern Amazon Rainforest is among the most protected biodiversity swaths remaining today in the region, and no other destinations in Peru offer the kind of unbarred access to some of Earth's most elusive creatures and plants.
Just imagine going on a morning boat ride skirting the edges of the river in search of cackling macaws and tree sloths slowly waking up to begin their days, then returning to your vessel with a chilled local fruit juice waiting for you. Or, how about swimming in a mirror-like lagoon that is so calm that it seems preface to a storm, yet instead, you're greeted by rare pink river dolphins jumping up to say "hello,"then your guide offers you a warm towel after your dip? Finally, what better way is there to close out your evening fishing for red-bellied piranhas during a fiery sunset than with a 3-course, individually-crafted gourmet meal made of ingredients sourced from the natural backyard that surrounds you? These and much more are the kinds of details that have been anticipated by the exceptional crew of the Delfins, whose operations have been painstakingly considered to cater to even the most discerning and seasoned explorers who seek styled, boutique experiences along with authenticity and charm.

Low water season: June to October. Ideal for travelers that prefer to walk through the rainforest to discover its flora and fauna. Allows for more trail walks.
High water season: November to May. Ideal for travelers that prefer to duck into otherwise isolated corners of the reserve onboard speed boats. Allows for more extensive exploration and access via water.

Delfin amazon cruise mammals

  • The Delfin vessels thrive in splendid harmony with nature and it's spectacular surroundings. By any standards, our guests appreciate the “noncruise” atmosphere and the sense that you are on board to explore one of the world’s most intriguing and authentic environments.
  • The true details that set Delfin apart from others is its dedication to collaborating the rich rainforest ecosystem with its own identity, which permeate through every aspect of the vessels and operations.
  • Collected irapay leaves (typically seen on residential huts) form the boats' waterproof roofs, lamps made from spare paiche fish scales highlight common areas, quality woods from the forest form the very boat and Suites, and custom-made repellants and lotions made of natural jungle ingredients serve every guest.
  • When lazy afternoons roll around or if you want to gaze at the millions of southern stars set against the blackest of skies, venture to the top deck where soothing lounge space and a bar will lull you into pure relaxation.
  • The dress code is casual for all excursions and meals.
  • Delfin has made it a highest priority to give back to the Amazon's communities as much as the local people have enriched their travelers' experiences.
  • Handmade, custom-designed artisanal wares made by the village women vibrantly enhance every Suite and dining room on board, and often the community men with lightning-fast reflexes accompany trail walks to make sure you don’t miss fast-moving poison dart frogs or slithering anacondas! Visits to these communities bring our travelers together with the local people, allowing for cultural exchange at both ends.
  • The rainforest’s various lifestyle have long resolved how to live together in harmony, and Delfin promises to uphold this natural, delicate synergy.

delfin amazon cruise rainforest

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M/V Delfin I

delfin 1 amazon riverboat
The totally refurbished Delfin I takes you one step beyond luxury, where comfort and grace combine effortlessly with the wilderness of the Amazon in the most unique and personalize vessel ever to cruise the Amazon River. In a setting of understated elegance and world-class hospitality this classic River vessel features only 4 spacious deluxe suites, all of them with private terraces and two of them with private whirlpool baths, intimacy and personal attention is the key success to our service.

This vessel feature artwork by the women of Puerto Miguel Community and with your help buying this beautiful work you will help us provide the children of this community with enough school aids to be used in the entire school year.

delfin 1 deluxe master suite
DELUXE SUITES: located on the main deck, this two spacious suites of 360 square feet, features a king size bed, (or separate twins) who are wrapped on 180° panoramic windows from floor to ceiling, mini bar, in-suite seating area with a sofa bed (may be converted in one additional bed), fine Peruvian linens (with a threat counts in hundreds), environmentally friendly amenities, silent A/C units, hot water, hair dryer, safe deposit box and internal communications system. Our new addition is private terraces of 320 square feet with private cold-water whirlpool baths, being the first and only river vessel with this feature.

MASTER SUITES: located on the second deck these two master suites of 340 square feet and a private deck of 320 square feet are a little smaller than the ones before, but quite spacious too. Shares the same comforts as our deluxe suites but without whirlpool baths; they features panoramic windows from floor to ceiling and the same amenities as the deluxe suites.

The dining room is located on the second deck. Dining on the Delfin offers an unrivalled level of sophistication and the luxury of tasting simple and natural products. Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the worlds finest and reflects the country’s cultural diversity, the Amazon wild choice of fresh ingredients and the gentle blend of immigrant traditions have created one of the world´s most unique and delicious cuisine.

On the top deck of our vessel, a casually elegant setting creates a welcoming and peaceful environment for those who want to get away from it all. Enjoy luxury and comfort seated on soft, large sofas while seeing the breathtaking sights of the Amazon and brilliant star-gazing at night.

Delfin amazon cruise paddle-board
The Delfin is also equipped with an entertainment center, a range of DVDs and reading material about the Amazon rainforest, different wildlife presentations, an Xcube (for children) and a open bar offering a variety of international and local drinks. Coffee and tea is always available.

The latest addition to your range of excursions is paddleboarding, available only when sailing on Delfin I! Because of the calm, often ripple-less waters of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, paddleboarding is a great activity for all ages. The coolness of the river waters over your feet while you brush past the banks, eyeing wildlife, is an experience you won’t want to miss and will not forget.

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Vessel Specifications

Built: Fully refurbished by Delfin Amazon Cruises in November 2010

Amazon River Cruise canopy walkway
Type of vessel: river vessel
Port of embarkation: City of Nauta
Vessel´s Registry: Perú
Length: 69 feet
Beam: 36 feet
Draft: 5’8’’
Capacity: 8 passengers
Cruise ship cabins: 2 Deluxe Suites (360 Sq. Ft. = 34 m²), 2 Master Suites (340 Sq. Ft. = 32 m²) and 1 Tour Conductor cabin
Generator: Caterpillar 45KW (encapsulated for noise reduction)
Engine: Cummins 250 HP turbo boosted
Cruising Speed: Average 8 knots
Water: Water treatment plant with 5.0 cubic meter capacity
Radio Communications: VHF, UHF and satellite phone onboard and in-suite internal communications system
Launch Boats: 2 aluminum 8 passenger launch boats, with radio communications with main vessel.
Kayaks: 4 Native brand 16” River 2 person kayaks

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M/V DELFIN I Amazon River Cruises Itineraries

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.26.08 AM

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.26.26 AM

Delfin I Amazon River Cruise riverboat
amazon cruise 14amazon cruise 04Amazon River Cruise Delfin I photos
amazon cruise 07amazon cruise 08amazon cruise 01
amazon cruise 10amazon cruise 09amazon cruise 11
amazon cruise 15amazon cruise 12amazon cruise 03

Delfin I deckplan amazon cruise

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M/V Delfin II

delfin 2 amazon riverboat
The Delfin II has fourteen large guest suites include four master suites with 180ª panoramic windows and ten suites – four of which can be interconnected to accommodate families - providing all comforts of world-class suites, yet preserving the spirit of casual and refined elegance. The dining room on the second deck, the observation deck, bar, entertainment center, library, and our special hammock sun deck will be the perfect gathering place for all our guests. This vessel will feature artwork by Peru’s leading contemporary artists. If any artwork strikes your fancy, you may purchase it and we will have it shipped to the comforts of your home.

MASTER SUITES: Our four spacious master suites are at front of our vessel, with 180° panoramic windows, king sized bed, sheets and bedspread 100% 280-threat Peruvian cotton. All cotton towels and bathrobes, the finest organic amenities, the most wonderful view, individual reading lights, will be the epitome of calming luxury and enjoyment.

SUITES: Our 10 suites have extra large windows that enable you the most breathtaking views, four of them interconnected to cater families, are design with casually elegant interiors that creates a welcoming and restful environment for those who wants to get away from it all yet enjoy luxurious comfort.

Imagine yourself, coming back from the wilderness and enjoying an ambiance created by glowing candle-lights, sparkling china and cristalware, were whatever your delight is, we are sure to exceed your expectations and satisfy all appetites of refined taste and sophisticated palates. Welcome to our cuisine, were our dedicated staff pride themselves on carefully prepared contemporary Creole cuisine and exceptional service.

On the third deck, you will find that our casual yet comfortable design will allow you to relax between the wonderful adventures of the morning and night activities. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service, so we are sure you will enjoy relaxing in our terraces soft big sofas or on our spectacular hammock sundeck while you just lie down and watch the river go by. Our barman will always be ready with a choice of international and local liquors for a pre- or post- dinner cocktail. Coffee and tea will always be available for you.

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Vessel Specifications

Built in: 2009

Amazon River Cruise night excursion

Type of vessel: river vessel
Vessel´s Registry: Perú
Port of embarkation: Nauta City
Length: 120 feet (40mt)
Beam: 30 feet (9.30mt)
Draft: 7’3’’ (2.25mt)
Capacity: 28 passengers
Cruise ship cabins: 4 Master Suites (230 Sq. Ft. = 22 m²), 10 Suites (210 Sq. Ft. = 20 m²) and 2 Tour Conductor cabins.
Generator: 2 Caterpillar 55 (encapsulated for noise reduction)
Engine: Caterpillar 350 HP turbo boosted
Cruising Speed: Average 8 to 10 knots.
Water: Water treatment plant with 7.0 cubic meter capacity
Radio Communications: VHF, UHF and satellite phone onboard
Launch boats: 3 aluminum 12 passenger boats equipped with four-stroke low emission engines; radio communication with main vessel, life jackets and flares.
Kayaks: 5 Native brand 16” River 2 person kayaks

M/V DELFIN II Amazon River Cruises Itineraries

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 9.38.37 AM

Delfin II Amazon River Cruise riverboat
12 amazon cruise Delfin-II-41-150x150 Delfin-II-pax-sailing-150x150 11 amazon cruise

lounge-1-150x150 Delfin-II-third-deck-amazon cruise lecture-room-6-150x150 Delfin-II-Third-deck-lounge-150x150

Delfin-II-Master-Suite-3-150x150 Deflin-II-Suite-150x150 Delfin-II-Master-Suite-150x150 Delfin-II-Master-Suite-2-150x150

Delfin-II-dining-area-150x150 Delfin-II-dining-2-150x150 Delfin-II-dining-150x150

20100427_Fotos-El-Delfin-II_1234-150x150 Massage-Room-150x150 02 amazon cruise

Delfin II deckplan amazon cruise

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delfin crew amazon cruise

Adonay was born in Texas, on the banks of the Amazon River in a jungle community called Tamishiyacu. Here, he was raised with his 5 siblings by his parents who practiced subsistence living through farming, fishing and hunting in the Amazon rain forest and where his education, love and understanding of the environment became part of who he is today. In his adult life, Adonay has worked for several different jungle lodges where he came into contact with university groups and professional researchers. Adonay has been working exclusively with the Delfin I & II since 2006 and is an integral part of the Amazon team.

Reninger was born in a small town named Puerto Mercedes on the banks of the Rio Huallaga in the Peruvian Amazon. His childhood was spent here walking the forest paths, climbing trees to pick fruit, fishing the small streams and chasing iguanas along the shoreline. At a point, because of the English he learned in school, he quickly found work in tourism. Beginning as a junior guide, after a few years Reninger became the lead naturalist for the company he helped build. Over the years, Reninger has had the opportunity to participate in many training sessions with both Peruvian and North American professors. It is hard for him to believe that 30 years have passed since he first started guiding and teaching outsiders about the fascinating Amazon Rainforest!

Juan Luis was born in the small village of Tihucuro, on the banks of the Amazon, 2 hours downriver from Iquitos. Juan Luis grew up in the Amazonian rainforest, and it was here that he learned much of what he knows about the flora and fauna of this vastly complex ecosystem, its medicinal plants, its birds, reptiles and amphibians. His deep knowledge comes from his parents and grandparents, and personal experience living and working inside the rainforest. Over many years of English and biological studies, he has earned opportunities working with biologists of prestigious institutions such as the Smithsonian, University of Wisconsin, and the San Diego Zoo. Today, Juan Luis lives in Iquitos with his family, but for the last 14 years (after starting guiding and translating at age 22) has spent his working life surrounded by what he loves and knows best: the Amazon Jungle.

Rudy Flores Lozano lived in the native community of Yaguas in Pevas for 7 years before moving to the city of Iquitos. After finishing his schooling in Iquitos, Rudy studied at the institute Dwight David Eisenhower to become a jungle guide. During his time off, he was lucky to meet many tourists and local people, including a local shaman who knew a great deal about the medicinal plants and flora and fauna. For Rudy, this shaman was an important teacher in the sounds of the birds and animals, and it made a big impression on how he was able to communicate with the animals – he was able to get fish from the water like a person can collect fruit from trees, and Rudy learned more and more of this majestic greenery that is the Amazon.

Denis was born in Cabo Pantoja town in Peru’s Upper Amazon region. This colorful community is located 3 hours from Iquitos down the Amazon River. He spent his childhood, along with the other local children, surrounded by all kinds of rainforest animals and plants. When he was 16, he entered compulsory (at the time) military service. Denis spent a couple of years serving the Peruvian Navy branch based in Iquitos. He is currently working onboard the Delfin II and has assimilated a lot of information from his fellow senior naturalists and read many books to expand his knowledge base. Today he lives in Iquitos with his wife and 2 children. Whenever he can, while on holiday, he takes his family to visit his parents who still live in the small village where he was born.

Gregory was born in Belgium in the city of Liege and his family lives in the southern Belgium countryside. He studied in a high school called Lycee Leonie de Waha with a specialty in science. During high school, Gregory participated in cultural exchanges in France and Spain during which he expanded his world view. Fueled by his passions, he continued to study International Business at Liege University, before coming to South America shortly after. In Peru, Gregory has worked at various top hotels, restaurants, and even a wellness center. Whenever possible, he donates his time and efforts to a range of charities. As a final testament to Gregory’s hardworking nature and love for nature and travel, he began with Delfin as the on-board Wellness Specialist and is now our wonderful Cruise Director!

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Delfin amazon cruise Nauta dock
We have 2 exclusive Ports of Embarkation depending on the cruise itinerary. The main port is in the city of Nauta, a 1.5 hour drive from Iquitos Airport, where we serve only our river cruise operations. Additionally, we have a port located in Iquitos city itself, from which we serve both our river cruises and where we operate our VIP Lounge and restaurant, the Al Frio y Al Fuego. This is the most unique restaurant in Peru, floating in the middle of the Itaya River just 5 minutes from the main city of Iquitos. Built in an authentic yet
Delfin amazon cruise rest al frio y fuego iquitos
exquisite style using ancient Amazonian techniques and exotic woods, you will find that Al Frío y al Fuego is as a destination in and of itself. Behind the scenes, our creative and innovative chefs at Al Frío y al Fuego work with a wild range of fresh ingredients sourced from the jungle you see around you, and the gentle blend of immigrant traditions over time has yielded delicious Amazon creole cuisine that we proudly serve to our distinguished guests.

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fish Delfin amazon cruise
Welcome to the amazing and diverse world of Peruvian cuisine! Memorable dining goes hand in hand with a Delfin experience. Your gastronomic adventure with us involves our dedicated staff who pride themselves on carefully preparing contemporary Creole plates and offer exceptional service for your ultimate indulgence. Every meal is an unparalleled dining experience guaranteed by our personalized attention and superb service. This is only possible when guides, staff, and crew can focus on just a handful of guests.

patarashka Delfin amazon cruise
The Amazon’s wild choices of fresh ingredients and the gentle blend of worldly immigrant traditions will enchant your taste buds. Just imagine yourself coming back from the wilderness to enjoy an ambiance created by glowing candlelight, sparkling china and crystalware. Whatever your delights are, we are sure to exceed your expectations and satisfy all appetites of refined taste and sophisticated palates.

The Peruvian kitchen is considered one of the world’s finest and reflects the country’s intrinsic cultural diversity.The gentle blend of immigrant traditions throughout history into Peru has created one of the world’s most unique and delicious cuisines. This is why dining aboard Delfin is truly a comprehensive gastronomic, cultural, and historic adventure.

 delfin dining
As for beverages, a large variety and range of quality liquors, cocktails, local drinks, natural juices, and refreshments will be served on board. Wine pairings include some of the best South American vintages. Delfin Amazon Cruises will accommodate special requests and dietary requirements (children, vegetarian, allergies, etc). However, because we sail in such remote areas, we simply ask that all requests must be made at least 30 days in advance of your sailing date.

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The Amazon basically has 2 seasons: the high water (sometimes called flooded season) and the low water (sometimes called dry) season. Both offer rich rewards, fabulous sites, and amazing opportunities to view plant and animal life. The Amazon Basin is as rich, lush, and green as it is because it gets an abundance of rain (12 feet a year on average). In a typical year, that totals 200 rainy days, which means that there will be days of heavy rain even in the low water season. Also it is hot in the Amazon any time of year. Two key points to remember, as you choose between the Amazon in flooded season or in dry season: there will be some rain whichever season you choose, and yet you will see spectacular wildlife and plant life whether you go in wet or dry season.

lounge-2 Delfin amazon cruise
Travelers are strongly advised to purchase trip cancellation insurance which will reimburse the cost of air tickets and other non-refundable trip payments. International medical, baggage loss, and delay insurance are also recommended. Unfortunately, if you miss the vessel because of a flight cancellation, we do not reimburse the cost of the reservation since flight cancellations are beyond our control and we have to comply with our schedules.

Yes. A Suite or Upgraded Suite will be assigned to you when we confirm your reservation. All suites are described and numbered in both Deck Plan documents. You may request a specific suite or cabin depending on your preference and we will assign it if available. All Suites on both vessels have outward-facing panoramic windows, giving every cabin a river view. The Master Suites on Delfin II and Deluxe Master Suites on Delfin I have even larger windows that offer you breathtaking views of the passing landscape. The dawn light will awaken you in the mornings, and you can see what the weather is like without leaving your Suite.
Delfin amazon cruise bar

No specific vaccination or preventative treatments are required to enter Peru (including malaria and yellow fever). Yellow fever is recommended though we have never heard of anyone contracting yellow fever anywhere in Peru or neighboring countries. To reference, the USA Center of Disease for travel to Peru nevertheless requires a current yellow fever vaccination for trips to rain forest regions. This vaccination is normally required or recommended for all rainforest regions around the world. Malaria pills are recommended usually when traveling to tropical regions but the places we cruise are Malaria Free Places. No anopheles mosquitoes (which are known to carry the disease) proliferate in the areas which we cruise in. For more specific details, we encourage you to discuss with your doctor. BTW - research has shown that some mosquitoes are more attracted to people wearing dark colors (black, navy blue, red).

amenities Delfin amazon cruise
We recommend that you bring your own, however we offer complimentary organic options on board.

Not really. Even though the main Amazon River looks like an open sea, we will be sailing in tributaries and creeks that are some of the calmest waters in the world with almost no waves. In addition, stabilizers and advance availability of accurate weather information have decreased the incidence of motion sickness. And while navigating by skiff deeper into the flooded forest, a smaller tributary may soon take you to calm, mirrored water.

jump Delfin amazon cruise
No. We do not recommend drinking water from the faucet. When you board the vessel, you will be supplied with fresh bottled water in your room. However, because plastic bottles are so polluting, we encourage our guests to refill their bottles, that way we can all help with preserving this fragile ecosystem. Bottled water will be placed and replenished in your suites and during the daily activities. Water refill stations are available throughout the vessel. Water used in other operations on the boat (cooking, juices, etc) are fully treated and proven safe for consumption.

We allow you to bring as much luggage as you like, but suggest the use of soft suitcases/bags for easy storage. We have special storage for extra luggage at our embarkation port in Nauta city, so we can keep them well stored and locked until you disembark. How much you bring, however, may be determined by the airlines, which have limits on both checked and carry-on baggage, so you will need to check for your specific flights. Porters are available at both the airport and our port in Nauta. They will make sure that your bags arrive well at our private embarkation port storage facility and to your Suite. At the embarkation port, you may also tell the guides if there is any luggage you would like to be stored at our facilities so they can give you a special identification tag.

Life is casual aboard both Delfins. Bring comfortable walking shoes, light-weight long pants, and long-sleeved tops, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, extra socks, mosquito repellent with DEET, bathing suits and of course, your camera, with charger and extra batteries on excursions. Binoculars are very important to enjoy the wildlife (provided on Delfin I, not provided on Delfin II). Don’t forget to include some items that you can give away to the locals (t-shirts, pens, and paper are especially prized, and perhaps some chocolates or candies for little kids). During meals in the dining room, we ask our guests to wear casual clothing and shoes. We provide rubber boots for wetland excursions and wet landings, and recommend taking comfortable walking shoes.
We also provide waterproof ponchos with hoods to protect against rain. Our Suites all have 220-110 volt outlets.

meals Delfin amazon cruise
The Nuevo Sol (New Sol) is the official currency of Peru. One dollar equals about three New Soles. We recommend bringing a quantity of Soles with you on board (about 50-100 Soles per person) so you may make some small leisure purchases at the native communities you will visit on your cruise. Tips are recommended in US Dollars or Peruvian Soles.

You will be asked to sign for every drink at the time you order it. Please keep track of your consumption of alcoholic beverages in order to avoid any confusion at the end of the cruise. You can pay your bar bill, as well as for any purchases in the boutique, either in U.S. dollars or with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express cards. The same goes for any Spa treatments or other charges. Should you decide to use American Express, you will require a 4-digit PIN from your credit card company. We suggest you get in touch with your credit card company ahead of time for this information.

We are often asked what gratuity is appropriate for guides and crew, and our response is that the quality of service should determine the amount of any tip. From past experience, we recommend an amount in the range of US $120 per passenger for the crew (to be divided among all the crew members and guides). Please bear in mind that this is merely a suggestion, since we believe that gratuities are a very personal matter. Tips are recommended in US Dollars or Peruvian Soles.

(UTC-05:00) The time in Peru is the same as Eastern Standard Time in the United States. Daylight Savings Time is not practiced.

iquitos Delfin amazon cruise
Unless you add extra overnights, you will spend very little time in Iquitos since your entire journey will be on board the Delfin and on shore along the Amazon River and its tributaries. However, the remote city of Iquitos, accessible only by river or air, will not disappoint. This bustling town, complete with a beautiful building designed by Gustave Eiffel, was once a rich center of the rubber industry at the turn of the 19th century. Our optional Iquitos city tours during which our expert local guide (English and Spanish speaking, with other languages upon request) will take you to the top highlights in the area that showcase Iquitos’ dynamic historical and cultural sides, then perhaps enjoy a nice meal at our floating restaurant in the middle of the Nanay River! Only a short distance from the city is also the fine Quistococha Animal Reserve where you may see rare creatures of the Amazon Rainforest, and the Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm & Amazon Animal Orphanage to learn about the life cycle of the jungle’s lovely butterflies and visit rescued and rehabilitated Amazon animals. Depending on your specific schedule and interests, we are happy to create a customized itinerary for you if you have an early or late departure.

We have a set of vehicles that make your transfer easy and comfortable. They vary by size (sedan, van, bus, etc) depending on the number of travelers in your group. All of them come with air conditioning, are clean and modern, and come equipped with drinks (water, sodas) and snacks so you can replenish yourself throughout the day. Your private chauffeur will be at your disposal for the time of your tour, as well as your local guide.

  • A $600 deposit per person is required to confirm your reservation (plus any bank wire fees)
  • Final payment for all programs is due 90 days prior to departure.
  • Final payment will be automatically charged to the credit card used for deposit on the due date unless you make alternate arrangements prior to the final payment due date.
  • Travel Insurance is highly recommended (and policy options will be provided): There is $300 per person cancellation fee from time of booking to 90 days prior to departure. Cancellation fee of 100% of the full program cost per person from 89 to 0 days prior to departure.

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delfin amazon cruise map

The Amazon Rainforest is named after the Amazon River, the live force of the jungle. It is a unique ecosystem that harbors 1/3 of all living species in the world! The total extent of this incomparable tropical jungle is estimated in comparison to the complete land area of the United States. 28 billion gallons of its waters flow into the Atlantic every minute, diluting the salinity of the ocean for more than 100 miles offshore The Amazon watershed is home to the world’s highest biodiversity. As well, it is home to more species of plants and animals than any other terrestrial ecosystem on the planet, and its biodiversity is so astounding that scientists regularly discover new species of flora and fauna.

20100427_Fotos-El-Delfin-II_1002-150x150 2013_01-Delfin-Animales-Paisajes-R.Rodrich-023-150x150 Amazonia-7-150x150 speedboat-150x150
speedboat-17-150x150 speedboat-10-150x150 speedboat-3-150x150 speedboat-15-150x150
IMG_40691-150x150 20100428_Fotos-El-Delfin-II_1264-150x150 71-150x150 village-2-150x150
Copayo-Fork-tailed-Flycatcher-150x150 Guacamayo-Rojo-y-Azul-Scarlet-Macaw-150x150 Mama-Vieja-Black-Collared-Hawk-1-150x150 Camungo-Horned-Screamer-3-150x150
Garza-Azul-Capped-Heron-150x150 Fauna-27-150x150 Sloth-150x150 Squirrel-Monkey-150x150
Mono-Nocturno-Noisy-Night-Monkey-150x150 01-150x150 Capuchino-Cara-Negra-Black-Capuchin-Monkey-150x150 Mono-Ardilla-Squirrel-Monkey-3-150x150
Howler-monkey-150x150 Fauna-24-150x150 Caiman-Blanco-Spectacled-Cayman-1-150x150 Fauna-9-150x150
Fauna-13-150x150 sapito-en-flor-150x150 Fauna-18-150x150 Fauna-20-150x150
Fauna-22-150x150 pink-river-dolphin-150x150 18-150x150 25-150x150
27-150x150 Delfin-I-4days-only-Canopy-Walking-couple-150x150 Mud-low-res-150x150 dive-in-2-150x150
pareja-en-lago-150x150dive-in-6-150x150 Delfin-II-upper-deck-pax-150x150 20100427_Fotos-El-Delfin-II_1153-150x150
fruits-150x150 2013_01-Delfin-Crucero-R.Rodrich-018-150x150 S090558_1-150x150 cebiche-regional-150x150
yuca-rellena-150x150 DSF0479_1-150x150 DSF0293_1-150x150 soup-150x150
DSF0147_1-150x150 ice-cream-3-150x150 cheesecake-150x150 sweet-dreams-150x150

All our Amazon tours may be combined with other explorations in Peru.

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