Since the inception of Explorations, our goal has not been to be biggest tour operator, but rather simply one of the best - by providing quality programs at a fair price with excellent personal service. We are gratified with our high level of client satisfaction (boxes of returned trip critique bare testament). We find that client satisfaction is a matter of meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients. This is achieved with thoughtful trip itineraries, honest portrayal, ample pretrip information and support, excellent tour guides, and helpful in-country local personnel.

While the majority of our clients are from the USA, our clients include those departing from Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Scotland, and the United Kingdom, etc.

People with a love of nature and foreign cultures are sure to have a great time, but you do not have to take just our word for it!
You are welcome to call for clients you may contact as references. Below are direct quotes taken from the Trip Critiques of past participants regarding the best parts of the trip and other comments:

What past clients have written about our tours:

J. Heyde: "No surprises, just as advertised! Your in country tour guides and hosts are absolutely first class. When you sign up for foreign tours without the benefit of face to face..., you are naturally skeptical about how it will all turn out, especially being aware that you might be stuck in the boondocks and not able to even speak the language. I don't know how you do what you do in planning these trips, but it exceeded my expectations."

C. Cyrus: "I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with your level of service, knowledge of the area and friendly helpfulness - as I usually plan my own trips independently. So to use an agent that actually provided what they promised was especially nice."

Phyllis Britton: "Efficient, friendly and fun... The attention to detail was outstanding."

Virginia Coolidge: "The educational element was important to me and it exceeded my expectations."

Gordon Forbes: "Explorations was a class operation all the way. it was evident that you did the best you could. I was impressed by how you did not cut corners. As near as I could tell, you always put us in the best facilities available. I would gladly recommend your services to others. The total experience substantially exceeded my expectations. I got my money's worth and then some."

J. Ackerman: "The variety of plant, animal and insect life. Also seeing the way the people along the river live. Just getting away from it all and relaxing was great, and a nice change of pace."

K. Toni: "The entire trip was great, far beyond anything I expected... This trip really was one fantastic thing after another. I was a little apprehensive about doing it at first, because I was traveling alone and going to a place that I didn't know much about, but any apprehension was erased the first day."

M. Betzold: "This was for me a most enlightening adventure. I was awed and inspired by everything I experienced, and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did!"

J. Ackerman: "The canopy walkway, the variety of plant, animal and insect life. Also seeing the way the people along the river live."

S. Schmitt: "Walking through the jungle, climbing up in the canopy, trading with the local Indians."

L. Kalber: "The entire time aboard the ship - great food, nice cabins, wonderful weather (no insects!) and the view from the top observation deck. The day trips were major highlights - boat excursions to see wildlife, natives, etc."

L. Travis: "The very different lives and distinctive lifestyles and cultures. The warmth of the people of Peru, the friends made on the ship, Machu Picchu, traveling without fear or hassle."

R. Hanka: "The daily activities; The Amazon River itself; I can't think of anything bad; The nights on the Amazon River were outstanding, very

L. Kochendorfer: "Primitiveness of the jungle. Good shopping in Cuzco. Fantastic Inca ruins and mountains."

J. Laurich: "The organization was excellent, the itinerary was full and very complete, the food was outstanding, the guides were wonderful"

V. Hubbard: "The accommodations were unusual-interesting-exciting-better than I expected... I recommend this trip highly!"

J. Prater: ""Scenery of the Andes, Sacred Valley and twilight return to Cuzco, train ride to Machu Picchu! Sitting on the second deck of the ship, launch rides up the tributaries, visits into home of Amazones"

Norma White: "The preparation and research for this trip were exceptional and much appreciated....The attention given for our well-being and safety was recognized and valued by all."

Lucile Brink: "The small group and the very personal contact we had with local people in various villages. Travis is a good host and excellent guide."

Stuart Rider: Regarding the best part: "The guide, Travis, and the people with us, the size of the group, well planned and carried out, both fun and fascinating." Regarding the worst part: "Can't think of any worst part" ,

I. Barger: "Trip was fantastic! Everything I hoped it would be!"

H. O'Rourke: "I had a great time and a wonderful experience which I will remember forever."

W. Walser: "Everybody had only good things to say about every aspect of this trip! ...The food in the lodges was unbelievably good, wholesome and well combined. I can only recommend your services."

Alice Hollingsworth: "Seeing an entirely new culture - visiting the school and village - trading with the villagers - having the guides share their knowledge"
M. Klanchar: "Your guides sharing their beloved homeland, culture and knowledge."

K. Thomas: "The relaxation in the jungle! No pressures. The guides were great. It was great to see them enjoy their lands and traditions. They were more than willing to help answer questions and most of all- have fun."

J. Ekoniak: "Fantastic vacation on every count: the place visited, the group I was part of, the local people and the company that packaged it. The quality of the destination was matched by the quality of your organization. I appreciate and admire your personal and business ethics, Charlie. I enjoyed speaking with you. Thanks."

D. Dean: "All I can say is it was great, fabulous, wonderful, etc.- I just hope it stays the way it is and I hope to go back some day.."

S. Gray: "I can't think of ANY bad parts of the trip. Thanks for a wonderful vacation. Charlie was extremely helpful in the planning phase even for the portion of the trip that we did not plan through Explorations. The whole experience was amazing. I could not have asked for a better tour guide than Renilo. Everybody at the lodges were great, friendly, and helpful. And the food was amazing!"

Consuelo Pajor: "This trip was perfect."

M/M Learned: (Re Andean Inca Exploration) "My husband describes this tour style as a tour with training wheels. We had just the right amount of attention and were allowed to go at our own pace and in our own comfort level Our guide was very efficient, very prompt, kind and helpful."

R. Ruehl: "It would be difficult to select a best part. The entire trip was outstanding."

L. Sullivan: "It's really hard to say (re best part). Ever place we went, everything we did were marvelous - a totally splendid experience."

M. Carner: "The trip was truly incredible. We felt "hand carried" at every step of the way. Accommodations were perfect and very personal. The people (staff) at Casa San Blass were so nice. The meals at the cave were great. I will tell my friends Explorations is the way to go. Thank you very much.

M. Eckert: "(re best part) The food and the pace of the program. The scenery was truly amazing...The various village trips were special, especially visiting a school as I am a teacher.. The smaller ship made getting to know the other passengers easier and made for an enjoyable trip. Our guide, Segundo was very helpful in arranging additional excursions in Iquitos and even accompanying us making sure we had the proper transportation. It made for an even more enjoyable experience.”

R.Campbell: "(re best part) cruising the Amazon and skiff trips up the tributaries - great combination of leisure time and planned outings. Service provided by cruise ship staff”

M/M Winnett: "All facets of the trip was as you presented it and it was a wonderful adventure."

L. Kennedy: "This trip was the dream of a lifetime that came true. To summarize, I shall say that the trip was FANTABULOUS (FANTastic & fabBULOUS)"

J. Herr: "Everyone involved in every aspect of the tour did a great job. I have recommended your tour to many of my friends."

Client references are available upon request.

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