La Perla Amazon River Cruises offers some of the most affordable cruises in the Amazon Rainforest!

Amazon River Cruise on La Perla

Make your dream come true and explore some of the remote places that enhance the Amazon experience with its wild beauty. Immerse yourself in the lush vegetation. Slide through the mysteries of the jungle on our most affordable cruises.

Your choice of 4 or 7 days Amazon River cruise itineraries, including all meals, airport transfers and jungle excursions. The ship has 14 cabins and is one of the most affordable tourist class ships in Peru.

Extra services in Iquitos, Lima, and throughout Peru may be added to suit interests.

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La Perla Rates & Dates - Contact us for current discounts!

   2024: Rates per person

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Amazon Cruise Excusrion
SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: 50% additional
CHILDREN; 30% discount for under 12 years (7 years old minimum)

* Contact us for availability of dates for groups and private charters.

The Cruises Include:
Transfers Iquitos airport / Nauta / Iquitos airport.
Full board with all meals on board or during the shore tours.
All excursions & equipment (including rubber boots & rain ponchos).
Entrance fees to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
Naturalist tour guide and assistance.
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NOTE: You are welcome to add overnights in Iquitos before or after the Amazon cruise. We normally use the Hotel Dorado Plaza (now the Double Tree by Hilton. We also arrange day tours to such places as: Manatee Rescue Center, Quistococha Zoo, Pillpintuwasi Butterfly Farm and Animal Orphanage, Fundo Pedrito in Barrio Florido village, Belen Market, Boras Indian village, the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve and more.

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La Perla Amazon Cruise Itineraries


Day 1 - Sunday
Iquitos / Nauta / R
o Amazonas / Origin of the Amazon – Yanayacu dr Yacapana
    The guides will be expecting your arrival at the Iquitos airport midday for your transfer to Nauta to board the cruise M/V La Perla. As you enter into your cabin, which will be full equipped with everything you need, you will feel how this lifetime trip is about to start. The navigation will initiate in the Mara
on River to the confluences of the Maraon and Ucayali rivers where the majestic Amazon begins. We suggest to take a time to go to the observation deck and enjoy the amazing panoramic view, the guides will be explaining the story of the Amazon’s origin.
   During the next days, you will
JungleExperiences-La Perla Cruise-Activities.16
be navigating through the Maraon and Ucayali rivers, then through the Amazon and its amazing confluences full of wildlife.
   After getting familiar with your new environment, you will be invited to the dining room for lunch, where you will experiment our exquisite regional gastronomy, a delicious flavor celebration. Later, our guides will provide a general briefing about the trip itinerary, activities, routes, wildlife and vegetation. Our guides will be attentive to help you with any question you might have.
   After lunch on board, you will have an afternoon-night excursion for searching wildlife in the communal reserve of Yanayacu de Yacapana. During the excursion, you will observe the biggest water plant in the world (Victorias Regias), birds, lizards, sloths, beautiful pink dolphins and other animals. At the end of the night, the guides will use the lanterns to locate caimans, owls and capybaras.
   Upon returning, a reception with live music by the Ship Band awaits for you to enjoy the local music followed by a welcome dinner. Once dinner is finished, the guides will invite you to a lecture about the Amazon origins.

Day 2 - Monday
Amazonas River / Yarapa River / Ucayali River / Vista Alegre / Yanayacu de Yacapana - Yarapa

JungleExperiences-La Perla Cruise-Activities.4
 Early call in the morning with serenade to enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the Amazon river. A small trek will take place to observe the birds of the communal reserve Yanayacu de Yacapana, sunrise is the best time of the day for bird sightseeing. This morning we will also be observing macaws, sloths, monkeys, toucans, trogons, quetzals, parrots among others. We will return to have a delicious breakfast as the ship sails to the Ucayali.
   Later, there will be a morning excursion to explore the tributaries rivers, like the Yarapa where you can observe a variety of reptiles as iguanas, sloths and others. We will be back to the ship to enjoy our delicious lunch and breath the purest air ever.
JungleExperiences-La Perla Cruise-Activities.3
 In the afternoon, there will be a retelling on the geographical orientation and the species that we have been observing throughout the day with our guides. We will visit the butter y farm project of Vista Alegre, where you will learn about the Amazon butter ies and their importance in the jungle. You will be amazed of the relevance they have.
   You will be back on board for dinner and for enjoying live music. You can’t miss this! A chilling and really interesting excursion will be offered at night, which is based on the search of caymans, snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, anacondas, nocturnal monkeys among others. If you don’t want to participate, you can rest upon the moonlight enjoying the nature sounds and drinking pisco sour on board.

Day 3 - Tuesday
Yarapa river– Piranha creek / Ucayali river / Mara
ñón river/ Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve
    This morning we get ready to navigate through the black waters of the Yarapa river, where we will have an unforgettable experience in the search of wildlife, enjoying the amazing landscape of the jungle. Finishing the excursion, a delicious breakfast will be served on board.
JungleExperiences-La Perla Cruise-Activities.9
We will continue sailing through the paths of the Ucayali upon the high confluence of the Maraon river, until arrive to Piranha Creek.     One of the first tributaries of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. This morning there will be a boat excursion to explore Piranha creek. This area is great for the piranha fishing. Once the excursion is finished we will return to the ship to have lunch on board.
    Later, there will be a trekking tour in the jungle, where we will learn about medicinal plants. We will be looking for exotic insects of the Amazon like tarantulas, frogs, spiders and a multitude of species never seen before. Before returning to the ship, our naturalists will teach us about basic survival in the jungle.
   Back on board you will be welcomed with live music. Then, you will enjoy an exquisite dinner, it’s time to relax and appreciate the beauty of the Peruvian Amazon.

Day 4 - Wednesday
Pacaya Samiria National Reserve / Mara
ñón river / Ucayali river / Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve
JungleExperiences-La Perla Cruise-Activities.17
After an energetic breakfast, we will visit one of the local coastal families. They will share their traditions and culture with you. This once in a lifetime experience will give you the opportunity to see life from other perspective.
    During lunch, the ship will start to sail on the Mara
on river. In the afternoon, we will visit the Samiria Reserve to observe the Charapas turtles. Later at night, an excursion will be offered for searching wildlife in the Amazon.
    Back to the ship our naturalist guides will share more information and enrich the experiences of the day. You will be able to enjoy the local music followed by an exquisite dinner.

Day 5 - Thursday
Yanayacu de Pucate / Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve / San Regis

JungleExperiences-La Perla Cruise-Activities.8
  This morning, you will explore Yanayacu de Pucate and enjoy a picnic breakfast in the Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve accompanied by nature. Some pink dolphins might enrich the panorama. Also, it’s possible to observe blue and yellow macaws, toucans and different types of monkeys. You will have a canopy walk where we will look for wildlife and enjoy the breathtaking view.
    After lunch on board a ceremony will be held with shamans in St. Regis will take place, where you will learn about the ancient secrets of the rainforest. Later, you will be part of the tree planting ceremony.
   Before dinner, a reception with live music will be held by the ship band. In the warm night, you can be part of the boat ride through Nauta Creek within Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve which is known as the mirrored forest, which makes perfect sense as you gaze upon its glistening black water where you can observe lizards, frogs and different kinds of nocturnal animals.

Day 6 - Friday
San Jos
de Zarapanga Shiriyucu / Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve / Nauta
    After a delicious breakfast, we head for the black water stream of San Jos
de Zarapanga called Shiriyacu to fish piranhas, using traditional and local techniques, you will be surprised by the many ways there is to fish.
    We will visit Kukama Prado village to learn about ancient traditions and medicine used by the ancestors; in the Peruvian Amazon are different types of traditional medicine that maybe you have not heard before. Then, you will be part of a cooking demonstration, where you can learn about local techniques and the variety of vegetables and dishes that exists in the Peruvian Amazon.
JungleExperiences-La Perla Cruise-Activities.22

    In the afternoon, a boat excursion will be offer before sunset in the Amazon River, where we can hear the sounds of wildlife, colors and symphony. At the same time, we will look for caymans, frogs, tarantulas, snakes and anacondas.
    After dinner, our naturalist guides will introduce the crew members whom you may not have met, as they have been busy “behind the scenes” to create your seamless Jungle Experience.

Day 7 - Saturday
Nauta / Iquitos

La Perla Cruise-manatee center
After enjoying your last breakfast on board. We will proceed with the transfer by bus from the city of Nauta to Iquitos.
   We will have a stop in the Rescue Center Amazon - Manatee (ACOBIA), where you will be able to see and feed this beautiful animal.    Then, you will have a brief visit to the city of Iquitos to observe the famous houses of the rubber boom, Fierro’s house, and Belen market before transfer to the airport for late afternoon flights out.

The itineraries are subject to change due to weather conditions at certain times of the year. The water levels of the rivers also vary from time to time, as well as the hours of sailing. Excursions may be modified at the discretion of the crew. Visits to the local villages are carefully planned to avoid a negative impact in their cultural identity.

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Daily itinerary similar to above with transfers in and out on Sunday to Wednesday, or Wednesday to Saturday.

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amazon cruise sloth

Amatista maloka amazon cruise

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Notes: Excursion schedules may vary depending on weather conditions and wildlife cycles. The listed daily itineraries are scheduled guidelines and it is important to allow room for the unpredictable and unexpected surprises that make each trip unique. We find it is more satisfying to let the jungle, the weather, and our naturalist guides lead the way. We trust the expert guides to modify the itinerary for the particular interests and safety of the group.

Weather: The weather in Iquitos is warm and humid and the temperature varies between 33 °C (90 °F) and 21 °C (70 °F).
The rainy (high water) season is from November to May.
The dry (low water) season is from June to October.
Each season boasts dramatic difference in plants, animals, and weather.

amazon cruise birding
Clothing: light and fresh pieces, blouses, long-sleeved shirts, swimwear, shoes with soft rubber sole for the boat (rubber boots and rain ponchos are provided by us), cardigan or long-sleeved shirts, wind resistant jackets. The days are hot and humid while the night breeze is fresh.

Insects & Mosquitoes: We recommend taking Vitamin B or B-15 a few days before arrival to the jungle. These vitamins are the best natural repellent against insect bites. As well, do not forget to bring conventional repellent and cream for bites.

Other items: We suggest bringing sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, binoculars (very important for enjoying the fauna and flora. Preferably 1 per person), camera, and extra batteries.

Connectivity: There is no Wi-Fi Internet or phone signal coverage on our vessels during most the sailing.

Tips: Tips for both the crew and the guides are not included and are expected, as is customary on cruises around the world. The amounts are distributed equally between your entire vessel's crew, and we hope their service is valuable and insightful to your experience aboard the La Perla. US$ 10 per passenger, per day, is suggested, and envelopes will be provided in your room for your highest discretion.

Amazon Cruise La Perla
+ All meals onboard
+ Bottled water & non-alcoholic, house beverages
+ Accommodation in double cabins
+ Excursions
+ Transfers
+ Swimming with dolphins (optional)
+ Bilingual naturalist guide
+ National Park entrance fees
- Other alcoholic & bottled beverages
- Gratuities
- International airfares
- Domestic airfares
- Airport taxes
- Cost of medical emergencies including evacuation
- Souvenirs or additional services
- Travel insurance

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Amazon Conservation Program

amazon cruise pink dolphin
Tourism plays a vital role in the pursuit of sustainability. In our commitment to sustainable management and responsible tourism, we are constantly working hard with local communities. Once a week we visit communities with nonperishable food, ammunition, clothes and shoes. As part of our work, our naturalist guides give a speech on environmental conservation to children. This activity is carried out to raise awareness and sensitize the community about the importance of protecting and preserving our environment and natural resources. As part of our work, we work with women artisans in San Francisco: a community located along the Ucayali River. The art work of these talented women is displayed on the ship as part of the decor. As part of our welfare program, we offer their crafts in our boutique on board which encourage tourists to purchase these works of art and contribute to this community. All proceeds will help us support the purchase of school supplies throughout the year.

pacaya samiria canoe amazon cruise
Another important contribution is the supporting of the Association of Amazonian Biodiversity Conservation ( ACOBIA ) , where we work to support the preservation of natural resources and the environment. We contribute a donation for its activities and at the same time encourage the community to have direct contact with nature and to value the natural resources and rich biodiversity that Mother Nature gives us.

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The Ship La Perla
14 cabins:
• 09 Standard Cabins.
• 02 Amazon View Cabins.
• 03 Superior Cabins.
• Standard Cabins with exterior view and windows.
• Amazon View cabins with balcony.
• Superior Cabins with a panoramic view.
• All cabins have air-conditioning and private bathroom.

Cabin Features
• Standard Cabins of 14m2 / 151 sq ft with two twin beds or one queen bed and private bathroom with shower.
• Amazon View cabins of 16m2 / 173 sq ft with one queen bed or King bed and private bathroom with shower. Access to balcony.
• Suites of 20m2 / 215 sq ft with two twin beds convertibles in Californian King size and private bathroom with shower. Cabin with possibility to accommodate an extra bed. Ideal for families.
• The cabins are equipped with a desk, wardrobe, chest of drawers, dresser, hairdryer and amenities basket. The cabins have smoke detectors and hot water 24 hours a day.

Common Areas
• Outdoor Lounge
• Interior Lounge/ Lecture room
• Dining room
• Observation Deck
• Outdoor Hammocks

La Perla Deck Plan

La PerlaTechnical Data Sheet





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JungleExperiences-LaPerlaAmazonCruise-StandarCabin 3  

 JungleExperiences-LaPerlaAmazonCruise-StandarCabin 11

JungleExperiences-LaPerlaAmazonCruise-OutdoorLounge 1 1

JungleExperiences-LaPerlaAmazonCruise-OutdoorLounge 1 4

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This National Park is the largest protected natural area in Peru (2,080,000 ha), located 190 miles from Iquitos and is accessible only by waterways. The wealth of the low lying virgin rainforest gives this area an enormous bio-diversity located in and among the reserve's many lakes and vast swamp areas. The reflective quality of the calm dark waters of the many tributaries and lagoons in the Reserve, lead to its nickname, "The Mirrored Forest." The is a scenic photo opportunity and nearly ever turn. Sunrises and sunsets in this area can be outstanding!
amatista amazon cruise evening
Practically unexplored and uninhabited, it offers an astonishing potential for research studies and observation of wildlife, including species in danger of extinction elsewhere in the Amazon. This area has more than 85 lakes and lush vegetation with a great variety of flora species such as the Lupuna Tree, measuring up to 160 feet tall with a diameter of 10 feet in four forest types. It also has 130 species of mammals such as the Jaguar, Ocelots, Giant River Otters and Capybara (the world's biggest rodent), and several species of monkeys in danger of extinction, like the black Maquisapa or Spider Monkey, the Yellow breast, and the Common Woolly Monkey. 
amazon cruise macaw
There are 350 bird species like Toucans and Blue, Yellow and Red Macaws. All this, plus the 150 reptiles of 20 families, makes the forest one best tourist trips in the world for the diversity in wildlife sightings. Of great importance to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve's ecosytem is the aquatic fauna, with 250 species of fish, such as the Paiche, the world's largest fresh water fish, weighing up to 250 lbs., and measuring up to 9 feet long, plus species of Turtles, Pink and Grey River Dolphins, and the Manatee. 

A cruise to the Reserve offers the opportunity to learn about new cultures and to explore the mysterious and magic world of the Amazon forest. It offers a variety of activities, as diverse as the forest itself. Along with excellent bird and wildlife viewing, you can witness a countless variety of plants, go fishing, save memories with photographs, admire the Pink River Dolphins,
pacaya samiria cruise map
learn about Shamanism and medicinal plants, all while observing life on the Amazon River.

This part of the upper Amazon Basin has two main seasons; high water and low water. The seasons are based on what is occurring on the slopes of the Andes hundreds of miles away, not rain in the local region. Interestingly, in the Amazon rivers it is not uncommon for the water levels to rise with no recent rains, or the water levels fall after rains. Therefore cruises' daily itineraries will change depending on traveling in high water season (December to May) or low water season (June to November). The proposed routes and excursions will vary some, depending on the type of weather, the level of water of the rivers, as well as the wildlife cycles (see sighting lists at bottom of page). We trust the expert guides to modify the daily activities for the particular interests and safety of the group.

amazon river cruise map la perla

3-IQUITOS amazon river cruise tour

pacaya-samiria amazon river cruise sloth

pacaya-samiria amazon river cruise giant water lillies



Amazon Cruise anteater


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All our Amazon tours may be combined with other explorations in Peru.
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