We have over 35 years of travel experience in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and Mexico (Yucatan, Chiapas, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Oaxaca) to help you design an educational tour to suit your interests! We specialize in archaeology and anthropology in concert with the natural history of the area. We design in-depth itineraries, customized just for private groups, schools, and organizations.

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In addition to customizing itineraries for groups, see below for specific package tours into the Mundo Maya, available to individuals, couple and families.

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mexico yucatan cruise
All-inclusive 9-Days Yucatan Cruise, starting & ending in Cancun, Mexico.
Three departure dates in November/December of 2020.
Mexico’s picturesque beaches, rich history and distinctive culture draw adventurists from around the world to its most treasured spaces. On this journey, we’ll introduce you to exotic destinations such as Puerto Morelos, Progreso and Campeche as we travel through the Caribbean Sea. Ancient ruins, beachside mansions and authentic cuisine make experiences in Mexico unlike those anywhere else. Come, explore, and indulge.

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Experience Mexico's distinctive culture on this exclusive voyage crafted to provide exploration into regions and sites that are rarely seen. Unique opportunities such as the chance to greet the morning at the awe-inspiring Mayan city of Chichén Itzá, which is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Wonder of the World, and the hidden gem Campeche await you. Discover the secrets of civilizations past on this unparalleled journey of exploration.
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Discover Guatemala Tour
Starting and ending in Guatemala City

Visit Antigua, Chichicastenago, Lake Atitlan, and Tikal and more with a customized itinerary for your group.

El Mundo Maya de Guatemala - The world of the Maya in GuatemalaGuatemala is a national full of wonders - a fusion of the past and present. A great travel destination and value - it offers unique geography, a rich history, scenic environments with high biodiversity, delicious cuisine,
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quality accommodations, spring-like climate, and friendly peoples. From the splendor of the colonial area when the Spanish Capital of all of Central America was in Antigua, Guatemala; the breathtaking scenery of mountains and lakes; the thriving and colourful culture of the indigenous peoples with their markets and unique lifestyle; the awe-inspiring ruins of the mysterious Maya civilization; there is no area in the world that has so much to offer the visitor in so small an area. And as if this were not enough, Guatemala's ideal climate has gained it the name of "The Land of Eternal Spring."

We are happy to design a distinctive tour for you group - with a focus ranging from archaeology and anthropology to ornithology and zoology.

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Yucatan Getaway
7 days itinerary starting and ending in Merida

An affordable vacation in the Yucatan (for two or more participants), featuring:
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- Six overnights in colonial Merida.
- Celestún Biosphere
- A private Cooking Class to explore the "Taste of Yucatan"
- Uxmal & Kabah Mayan ruins tour
- Chichén Itzá Mayan ruins tour
- Cuzamá Cenotes tour
- Free day in Merida, with option for Mayan Biking tour

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Yucatan Explorer tour
8 Days itinerary starting and ending in Merida

Spending most of the nights in the Colonial city of Merida, you'll have the opportunity to visit Uxmal, swim in Xel-Ha water park, go caving at Calcehtok and at the underground rivers of the Yucatan, learn about the pink Flamingo in Celestun National Park and visit Chichen Itza, one of the New Wonders of the world.

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Yucatan and Chiapas Highlights tour
11 Days itinerary starting and ending in Cancun
Pelanque tour

Visit the southern part of Mexico in our Yucatan Chiapas tours and discover yourself a beautiful mix of nature and culture - from the lush jungle and pinturesque towns in Chiapas to one of the "new wonders of the world", Chichen Itza. Amaze yourself with the local people in San Cristobal de las Casas, trek the jungle in Palenque, swim in Agua Azul falls and take a boat ride in awe-inspiring Sumidero Canyon. All that topped with visits to Merida, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Kohunlich, Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

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Mundo Maya, Northern Yucatan Exploration (group tour)
14 Days, starting and ending in Cancun

Visit not only wonderful highlights of the Yucatan Peninsula, you also experience many of the small wonders to be found there - at small archaeology sites, traditional Mayan towns and villages, beautiful nature areas, local restaurants and markets, and with interactions with local residents.

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Mexico City & Yucatan Explorer tour
10 Days itinerary starting in Mexico city and ending in Cancun

Discover two different regions of the country. Bustling Mexico City with a visit to the National Museum of Anthropology and the pyramids at Teotihuacan. The Yucatan and its underground rivers, Chichen Itza, Celestun National Park, and Playa del Carmen.

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Service Learning tour
10 Days itinerary starting and ending in Merida

Volunteering vacations is a great opportunity to travel with a purpose, to share our time with kids or helping local institutions. During weekends we also have fun visiting ancient wonders and natural beauties of Mexico. Lodging is in local homes. We can design activities that suits your group.

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Student Science tour
1o Days itinerary starting and ending in Cancun

Science teachers will find amazing possibilities of doing geological, biological, archaeological and agricultural visits with their students in the Yucatan Peninsula. Bat caves at Calcehtok, spider monkeys at Punta Laguna, Mayan history at Chichen Itza and Uxmal; watching first hand the Mexican Melipona bee and learning about the Sisal plantations. All this combined with a visit to Xel-Ha Water Park to have fun, snorkel and relax in this Yucatan science tour.

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Yucatan Food Tour
9 days itinerary starting and ending in Cancun

The Yucatan Peninsula is a region full of wonders - a fusion of the past and present. A great travel destination - it offers unique geography, a rich history with incredible ancient ruins, scenic environments, quality accommodations, friendly peoples, and a diverse and delicious cuisine.

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A Taste of Mexico Adventure
girl selling fruit

9 days itinerary starting and ending in Mexico City

Indulge in the regional cuisines of Mexico, experience the ethnic mix and vibrant atmosphere of Veracruz, explore breathtaking colonial Puebla and Oaxaca, try out your salsa skills on the dance floor. Mexico is much more than large resorts and beaches. Come and experience ours on this 9-day journey into the country’s colonial past. Beginning in Mexico City, you’ll move on to Puebla and indulge in their famous spicy and chocolate-y mole sauce, explore Oaxaca’s pre-Spanish ruins and Baroque churches, and navigate the boardwalk in Veracruz before a seaside dinner.

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